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Styves Romain Claims Victory on Student Association Elections

Published: September 20, 2004

Styves Romain and his team.

This past week at Greater N.Y. Academy elections were held for S.A. minor offices. Among those running for office was Styves Romain of the Junior class. He ran against Syretta Leslie whom is a part of the Mighty Seniors.

Both candidates uniquely presented themselves as "the best one for the office". Styves had an entourage of four as he walked down the aisles to "Money, Money, Money, Money". While Syretta's steppers ushered her in with a well-orchestrated piece.

Syretta Leslie and her team.

The two candidates grabbed their audience's attention in their own way but as you know only one can win. Styves Romain has been elected to serve Greater N.Y. Academy as the Assistant Treasurer for 2004-05. When asked how he felt about his position in the election he quickly responded, " I'm not nervous, most people think I've won, but it doesn't really matter whether I won or lost."

As we embark upon the New School year Styves' challenges await him. The mass of the student body felt that he was the best so now it is left to him to prove it. I hope that we have an improved and successful school year.