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Students Enjoyed a Fun-filled Spirit Week

Old-school day participants.

Published: November 4, 2004

Last Week, our school had our annual Spirit Week. The days consisted of Tacky Day, Twin Day/ Teacher Look-Alike Day, Celebrity Look Alike Day, Old School, and Show Yourself. The participation wasn't as considerable as usual, but the Greater students still made it a week to remember.

Tacky day started the week off to a great start. School spirit was high as Yolette Clarke took first place, followed by Tiffany Vulcaine in second, and Miles in third. The next day was Twin day and to the delight of many of Greater's female students, Kevin Sison and Michael Lagajino stole the day, followed by Hazel and Yederle, and Samantha Howard and Crystal Ferguson in third. That same day, Rendell won first place as Mr. Laborde's look-alike, closely followed by Miles as Mr. Patterson, and Yolette as Mrs. Mitchell. Jonathan Lamoure as Usher along with Lil Jon and Ludacris won Celebrity Look Alike.

Old school was a fun day where we were lucky enough to get a rendition from the Temptations and the Junior Girls with oldies that everyone could sing along to like "You Can't Hurry Love" and "My Girl," while Yolette and Miles followed with third place.

Drawing entered in the talent day contest.

The last day of Spirit week was Show Yourself, which was the usual Talent Day. This year, Reuel Vincent won the art section with a beautiful drawing of leopards with Amanda Chichester in second place with a charming cross stitch that she worked very hard on. In poetry, snaps were given to Jean Thibaud, the Haitian Sensation, for his amazing poetry and was closely followed b Rendell Metellus in second place and Jerome Miller in third. In the musical department, Alicia Keys ruled as Samantha Howard, Charity Wright and Tameka Brown used her music to show off their vocal stylings.

Spirit week was a great time to showcase talent and a good excuse to get out of class early. I think it brought the school closer together and gave us a much needed mini vacation form the workload that seems to be building up as the quarter draws to a close.