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Sophomore Kadeem Richardson Reflects on his Summer Experience at Temple University

Published: November 8, 2004

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Kadeem's research on feline cardiac myocytes.

My name is Kadeem Richardson. In life, I always strive to serve God and humanity in whatever ways I can. From a very young age, I knew science was what I wanted to do. Both my parents are into medicine. My dad is a Pharmaceutical Doctor and my mom also works in health care. I would hear both of them talk about different patients and the illnesses they had that were fatal. I always wanted to know more about because it just seemed so interesting. I was able to see some of this for myself when I went to work with my dad at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY. Seeing all the patients suffering and in so much pain hurt me and I wanted to make a difference. I was determined to help others through scientific research and medical care. I have decided to become an MD/PhD because it will allow for me to easily access both the medical and research arenas.

In the seventh grade, I was introduced to the Minority Access to Research Career (MARC) program. It was a great honor to be accepted into such a prestigious program. In the seventh and eighth grade, this program gave me basic science and laboratory skills. These skills were put to practice when I was placed into Dr. Steve Houser’s Cardio-vascular Research laboratory. I have and continue to learn so much daily. This experience is one to which only a select few get exposure and I am grateful that I was selected to be part of the few. This program is also valuable because it not only gives me research experience but it also gives me the privilege to shadow physicians. When applying to Medical Colleges, the experience that this program has given me along with good grades will ultimately be an asset to my acceptance to medical school.

Other programs and institutions can also help in my acceptance into medical school. Other programs can give me more research experience as well as working experience in different institutions. Entrance into medical school is very competitive and the more research experience I can get the more I will be separated from the rest of the applicants. I feel that I could never get too much experience. All the exposure to research will be greatly appreciated.