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Yolette Clark
AYBL Choir Director

AYBL Visits Philadelphia Church

Published: March 7, 2005

On Saturday, February 12, the AYBL choir and drama club put on a wonderful program for Divine Worship and AY services at Philadelphia SDA Church in the Bronx. On Sabbath morning, to celebrate Friendship Day, the choir took their Sabbath time to come out and share their gift of music with the songs "Freedom is Coming" and "Come in the House," led by the choir directors Yolette Clark and Christal Notice. To hear the voice of young students singing gospel for Jesus Christ was a blessing to the congregation. Many times, people tend to underestimate the youth of the church, but this Sabbath was a living example that young people can make a big difference in the religious society. After Divine Service, the members of the Philadelphia church showed their gratitude by serving the AYBL members a delicious and healthy meal. They not only filled our stomachs, but also filled our souls with their warmth and hospitality.

Adventist Youth for Better Living Choir

After fellowship lunch, the AYBL Drama Club put on a play written by Amanda Chichester that illustrated that it is never too late to ask for forgiveness. Even when faced with temptation, it's never too late to repent and turn from our sins. Rachelle Fleury and Gabriela sealed the message of the play with an insightful quote, "You might have won the battle, but you won't win the war." This quote really shows that the Devil has no control over God's people and He will always win in the end, no matter what. All we have to do is pray, study God's word, share the gospel, and prepare for His coming. The choir sang "Bless Me," a song about asking God for guidance, protection, and to shower us with blessings each day. They rendered a last minute a cappella musical selection called "He Reigns," being that their pianist wasn't present.

Even though AYBL went to Philadelphia to share their message of love, charity, and hope and to give a blessing to the church, they were in turn blessed with the generous donations given by the congregation to go to the upcoming Mission Trip to Puerto Rico. This is a perfect example of how we are blessed when we use our talents to glorify God and further His work.

AYBL is continuing to work hard at planning programs and events to various churches to share the word through their various God-given talents. Through singing and acting, they have touched the hearts of many people. They are dedicated to their missionary work and hope to share God's love with many more people. The students are looking forward to the mission trip to Puerto Rico, where they will help to build a school in a place where education is a luxury. We hope that you can be a part in helping us make this once in a lifetime experience a reality. Your prayers and donations are welcomed. By helping these students help society, we can all make a difference together in God's name.