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Freshmen Greg Edouard (left) and Russel DeMoss make a run for the soccer ball during first round match with the juniors.

2005-2006 Battle of the Classes to Go Down into GNYA's History, Students

Published: September 30, 2005

Two consecutive days of sporting events and other physical competitions afforded students a chance to make 2005-2006 a notable school year at GNYA. Students recall their favorite and most memorable moments.

While winning or losing were motivators at the different competitions, students seem to have been more focused on having fun and developing friendships through team work. For Junior Jamal Black, who participated in the volleyball and football matches, "team work made the difference" for his team. "While losing against the seniors, we made a strong come back," he said. He added that Mr. Archer's coaching helped also.

Sophomore girls, led by Samantha Howard, perform a stepping routine during the half time of the Boys Basketball finals.

"Just having fun" was the most notable part of the experience for junior Kevin Sison, who participated in volleyball and tug-o-war. Freshman Kimberly Valcin recalls her getting hit with the volleyball, but that did not spoil her trip. "I loved it," she said. Junior Myles Schultz also recalls falling while playing soccer against the seniors, but he is happy to have won, due to his team's good strategy, he said.

Scores in each competition were different, but none as interesting as in the girls basketball tournament. Sophomore Ella Bugayong can forget the fact that her team lost against the seniors 16 to 2, while it won against the freshmen with the same score.

Junior Douran Antoine prepares to dunk during a heart-stopping basketball match with the seniors.

The events also afforded some students a chance to discover new abilities. Senior Cheriese Sandy says she had to learn to trust her wheel-barrel teammate to hold her. Her efforts yielded more than she expected as her team rose with the victory. Sophomore Monique Glasgow had to learn to rely on her pyramid teammates for balance in the timed competition from which they came out second place. "We have a great class spirit and we practiced a lot," she said.

The two days were filled with moments of hightened excitement as teams faced one another. Sophomore Simone Lewis remembers cheering for her volleyball team as they contested the seniors lead in the game. "We almost beat them," she says. There were many opportunities for all to practice team work, display school spirit, and have a lot of fun. Sophomore Jonathan Momperouse is among those that felt the satisfaction of helping their teams get ahead as together with Kristina Mothersill they dominated the three-legged race.

Senior students practice their pyramid with light-weight Noemilia Basilis on top, a winning formula.

These events are the first part of an annual series of interclass athletic and academic contests dubbed "Battle of the Classes" at GNYA. The second part, focused on academics, is usually held on the second semester of the school year.